What is Apparel Marketing
Published on: September 16, 2021

T-shirt marketing is all about selling brands using T-shirts as a means of advertisement.

In this method, an advertisement comprising an image, message, or a slogan is printed on T-shirts. When people buy full sleeve t-shirts or other t-shirts and get them as gifts, they tend to wear them very often as casual wear while strolling in markets or other crowded places.

So, the person wearing a T-shirt with an advertisement printed on it while roaming around becomes part of a brand promotional campaign. We can say that marketers turn people into a walking billboard advertisement under a t-shirt marketing campaign.

The Marketing Power of T-shirts: Role of T-shirts in Business

No marketer can today deny the power of t-shirts in reaching out to an audience. Not only do thousands of people see advertisements on T-shirts daily, but the conversion rates are also high. The marketing power of these casual wear can be gauged from immensely successful t-shirt marketing campaigns from history.

For instance, Coca Cola’s t-shirt giveaway machine generated a tremendous amount of awareness for the soft drink brand in 2015. Other such immensely successful t-shirt campaigns include Mailchimp’s 1,000 free tees, Breast cancer fundraiser in Spain, Single Grain’s t-shirt giveaway, and O2’s rugby shirt giveaway.

Under all these campaigns, the companies gave their T-shirt free as a gift to the people. They wore it very often, which in turn generated brand awareness amongst the masses overnight.

Sounds great right!

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